VIP ClubMonroe Car Wash A La Carte Services

A La Carte Services:
Simoniz "Hot" Wax & Shine $7
Body Gloss Treatment
Double Bond Teflon Treatment $4
Rain-X Treatment $4
De-Salt Underbody Treatment $5
Tire Shine $4
2-Step Tire & Wheel Scrubber with Wheel Brite $4
Rubber Mats Washed $1.50/Each Mat**
Extra Vacuum: SUV/Van/Wagon/Trunk Interior $2

*Additional charges may apply based on vehicle size and condition.

**Rubber Mats Washed ONLY AVAILABLE with Interior Service Add-on

Simoniz "Hot" Wax & Shine
Provides a hand wax quality finish and shine through a unique on-line application of genuine Carnauba wax to the entire surface of the car while going through the tunnel requiring no additional time.


Body Gloss Treatment
A one-step super high gloss polish for use on all automotive finishes. It is sprayed on clean surfaces and hand buffed to a high gloss and smooth finish. Works great on paint, glass, chrome and leaves no messy or "white" residue on unpainted trim or decals. The ultimate quick shine!
Double Bond Protectant with Teflon

Double Bond is the only DuPont Teflon brand protective coating that can be automatically applied to your vehicle in a commercial car wash. It is applied during the rinse cycle (just after the drying agent) at the end of the wash process and takes no extra time to apply.  DuPont Teflon can be found in paints, carpets, cookware, and now at Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center! Teflon Double Bond Protectant is a film-forming sealant that cures as it dries on your vehicle. The next time it rains or your vehicle is washed, water will bead up and "fall off" like never before. Additional applications of Double Bond Teflon enhances durability. Independent tests run at the DuPont Experimental Station show that Teflon Double Bond will last up to 30 days on a car's surface.
Service recommendation: Monthly.
Online protectant that adds premium shine, protection, and water repellency to paint, glass, trim & chrome. Advanced protectant technology, including a special polymer formulation engineered to create a water repellant layer that chemically bonds to all exterior vehicle surfaces, then cures to the surface to provide better water beading and sheeting, longer lasting results in better visibility and safer driving.
Service recommendation: Monthly.

Simoniz De-Salt
Underbody Salt Removal Treatment

Concentrated rinsing/flushing agent designed exclusively to remove salt residue/crystals from your car's underbody. Gets into cracks and crevices, to quickly remove the salt residue that has accumulated there!

  1. Buffers the salt film on the surface and pacifies the metal; and
  2. Dissolves and lifts the salt film back into solution to be rinsed away.

As aggressive as Simoniz De-Salt is in removing even the harshest build up, laboratory tests have proven De-Salt to be NON-TOXIC & ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE!

Service recommendation:
Every time you wash your vehicle if there is salt or sand on the road; otherwise, every two months.