About Us

Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center


We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible car wash available.  We achieve this by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and knowledge from the best car wash minds in the industry to produce the cleanest, driest, shiniest car around.  We offer a full range of car wash and detail packages providing you with value and flexibility. No matter which wash you choose, the quality of car wash we deliver equals or surpasses that of any other car wash in the tri-state area.

Today's modern car washes have evolved into the most efficient, safest, and environmentally friendly way to clean a car.  Automobile manufacturers recommend washing your car at a professional car wash weekly.  We believe that a major financial investment, such as a car, deserves to receive proper attention. We want to simplify some confusion about car washing and provide you with the straight facts. While every season has its problems, we offer solutions to each of them. Think of us as your road map in understanding how external elements greatly affect the condition of your car.

We are a professionally managed full service car wash and detailing facility offering a wide variety of washing and detailing options.  Our Freedom Unlimited Wash Plans and gift cards provide customers with attractive savings opportunities. Our facility is state-of-the-art, well maintained and designed with the best protection of your car in mind. Each of our managers and detail technicians are Simoniz certified, professionally trained and certified to properly care for your car.

We believe that cleaning the finish of your car should be done with soft cloth and NeoGlide foam, both of which are engineered to clean thoroughly while treating your car's finish with the utmost care, and the latest environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Some people think hand washing their car in the driveway is better for their car, but studies at the University of Texas (Arlington) show that a significant level of damage is done to the car's finish when a car is washed by hand. Our goal is to clean your car and to protect your investment.

Our equipment is second to none!
The Belanger PRO 100 is not only safer for your car's finish than hand washing, it is also more thorough, consistent, and faster than commercial hand washes. The Belanger Pro 100 produces a consistent and thorough wash compared to hand washing because the machine washes each car the same way every time and does not miss spots because of human error or fatigue that a commercial hand wash usually misses. Additionally, we use milder chemicals, which are better for your car's finish than touch-less car washes. The result is that we provide a better, more consistent, and safer wash than a commercial hand or touch-less wash.

Each car passes through our 100-foot tunnel wash process. After entering the top 180 degrees of each car is treated with a Belanger high pressure rinse arch completely removing any surface contaminants, then passing through the first set of mitters, soap is applied and two chemical tire applicators apply Wheel Brite and the 2-stage Belanger Duo Scrubbers clean the rims (on cars purchasing tire/rim scrubbing), then the wheels and lower quarter panel are thoroughly washed with McNeil Eliminator Wheel Blasters. All equipment functions and each activator and chemical applicator is controlled by a state-of-the-art computer system designed by DRB Systems. Every body panel gets thoroughly washed, as your car passes through three sets of wraps and three sets of mitters before entering our 70hp touch-free air dryer to absorb any water drops that may remain. Each car is complimentarily hand towel-dried after exiting the tunnel!

What Makes Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center Better?

  • Protects your car AND the environment
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Simoniz certified detail technicians
  • Excellent customer service
  • We use environmentally friendly chemicals
  • We recycle 100% of our water! We only use 3 gallons of fresh water per car (vs. 120 gallons for home car washing)