Community Fundraising Program

Charity Car Wash Fundraising Program

Fundraiser they want with the convenience you need!

Maximum profits with minimum effort!

Looking for a great way to raise money for your school, church, or charity? We work with non-profit organizations within our service area to sponsor fundraising events. We make holding a fundraising car wash event easy! We provide the facility, information and sign-up sheets, as well as an initial package of fundraising wash tickets. All you need to do is sell the fundraising wash tickets. We'll take care of the car wash details — you simply sell the wash tickets to contributors who are in need of a clean car and want to support your cause!

We Do The Dirty Work...
Using Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center helps your organization protect the environment from harmful wastewater and to save water, which is crucial during summer months. You won't have to worry about chemicals, finding a facility or incurring any liability during your charity event AND there are no rainouts!

Who qualifies? 
Benefits to you?
Fast fundraising
Easy – No merchandise to buy
Customer satisfaction and value for everyone

Consider the many environmental, safety, and financial benefits of working with Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center for your fundraising event.

We are Better for the Environment
Many states and communities are discouraging shopping center and school yard car washes because they pollute the local storm system with soap phosphorous and other contaminants that run into the watershed.

In many environmentally conscious communities, independent fundraising car washes must clean cars with water only and are prohibited from using any type of soap or wax products. We use only environmentally safe soaps and waxes that are approved by the U.S. Car Wash Association and the Environmental Protection Agency.

We Conserve Water
We reclaim and filter our wash water for reuse. This significantly reduces the amount of water we use and really makes environmentalists smile!

Washing cars with a hose and bucket typically uses between 80 and 140 gallons of fresh water, while we use only less than 3 gallons of fresh water per car.

We eliminate your liability for damage or injury
Damage to cars, personal injury to a member of your organization, or injury to one of your supporters are all possibilities that you must consider when you run an independent fundraising car wash event. Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center assumes all risks for damage or injury when we work together on your fund raising car wash project. What could be simpler or safer for your organization?

We can help you make significantly more money
International Carwash Association members, such as Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center, have been helping local organizations raise funds through car wash ticket sales for many years. We're experienced and we know how to help you run a successful program. Your organization receives a predetermined percent of all proceeds from their contributors. Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center receives the remainder to cover our costs for supplies, labor and other expenses.

Charities, team organizations, schools, church groups and other fund raising organizations typically raise far more money by working with Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center than they can by going it alone. Why? We assist you in offering a service that people in our community already know about, value and regularly use. The wash tickets are easy to sell because you are selling the services of a professional car wash. When your supporters buy wash tickets from you, they are supporting your activities and getting a great car wash, too!

Here's how it works:

  1. Order your group's tickets in batches of 250 to 1,000 or more
  2. Tickets will have your group's name and logo on them – professional and personalized!
  3. Your charitable organization's only out of pocket expense is the cost of printing the tickets after the initial 250 tickets.
  4. Tickets are valid for 12 months
  5. Your organization returns unsold tickets at the end of 30 days and only pay for what you sold.* You may also choose the pre-sell method in which your fundraiser will receive an order form.** Customers fill out their order form and pay upfront. Once Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center receives the order and payment in full, we will give you the car wash tickets. It is then your responsibility to deliver them to your customers.
  6. This program is offered only once a month to maximize the benefits to each sponsoring program. Plan ahead and reserve a place on our calendar for your organization.

* Your organization is responsible for any non-returned unsold tickets.  Your organization is not responsible for paying Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center, LLC for unsold tickets that are returned to Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center by the end of the promotion period.
** Additional charges apply for printing these pre-sell order forms.

Keep 50% of the money you collect! Raise money quickly! Partner with an established business!
Some limitations apply including:

  • You are responsible for up-front printing charges (AFTER the first 250 tickets).
  • Car wash tickets may NOT be discounted below the current retail price.
  • Tickets may NOT be sold at or near Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center.
  • Use of this program is restricted to one sale month per year, per non-profit organization.
  • The head of your organization must authorize you to run the fundraiser on behalf of the organization. Letter must be on your organization's letterhead and include your not-for-profit tax identification number.

This should be delivered to the Manager or mailed to: John Lilly at 178 Main Street, Monroe, CT 06468.

For more information, and to see if the month you are interested in selling tickets is available, please contact the manager at (203) 261-4870. 

In most fundraisers, organizations receive only 15% to 25% of the proceeds. Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center's fundraiser program will give you 50% return on each wash ticket your organization sells.