All prices are per car/per month. Freedom Unlimited Wash Program prices are for customers registered for the Automatic Monthly Renewal Subscription ("AMRS”).  Without AMRS, add $10 to above monthly rates.

Freedom Unlimited Wash Plan Terms, Conditions, and Purchase Agreement: Membership or Subscription ("Subscription”) is per car until subscriber cancels or is terminated by Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center, LLC and is for personal vehicles only. Taxis, Limos and other professional vehicles are prohibited.

Subscription is not valid for cars that cannot fit on the conveyor track or are unable to ride through the tunnel, for example, rear or top bicycle, boat/ski racks, and non-factory installed parts are prohibited.

Subscription fee will be automatically billed to your credit/debit card for the service selected on the anniversary date of your initial subscription each month until such time as the Agreement is terminated either by you or by Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center, LLC (the "Company”). You hereby authorize this credit card charge without any recourse to the Company. Debit entries returned by the credit card provider are subject to a return charge of $25.

This program cannot be combined with any other program or discount including but not limited to: VIP Club membership, corporate or fleet account discounts, and/or coupons.

Company reserves the right to modify or cancel this Program or any Subscription at any time without prior notice. Company reserves the right to suspend car wash privileges. Although this is an unlimited use subscription, there are no refunds, credits or adjustments for days or times that the Company is temporarily closed due to inclement weather or for maintenance.

Membership is only transferable upon purchase of a new car or upon official notice to the Company not more than once every 90 days.

Subscription can be cancelled at any time with at least 5 days prior written notice. No refunds or credits will be given for partial periods.

In the event the Company is not able to charge a Subscriber’s credit/debit card due to an expired card, decline of authorization or change of information in the Subscriber’s plan will be immediately de-activated.  Re-activation will be at the then current subscription price.