Express Detailing Services

To help us promptly service your vehicle, please remove all personal belongings from your car prior to visiting.

Choose from any one of our Express Detail Services below:

Express Wax*
Special one-step polishing process that restores depth, shine and a rich gloss
on your vehicle's finish. Express Wax is hand buffed into the car's painted surface
and serves as a sunscreen to prevent damage from UV rays and acid rain.
- Hand applied premium wax
- Delivers deep durable Simoniz shine and restores depth of gloss
- Protects clearcoat finishes

Wax is allowed to adhere to the clear coat leaving a layer of protection. Using micro-fiber towels, our detail technicians buff in the wax by hand. This creates an even, protective coat of wax.

INCLUDES FREE Good Exterior Wash

* Will not remove sap and tar
Service recommendation: 3 times per year.

Interior Super Clean
Meticulous cleaning of the car's interior. Carpets and upholstery are thoroughly vacuumed, interior is blown out to clean all vents and "nooks and crannies" inside your car, a detailed cleaning of windows, dash, doors, center console, ashtrays, and door jambs.
- Thorough cleaning of interior using air tools
- Dash, door panels, and center console cleaned and dressed with a cream UV cream protectant
- Rubber driver & passenger mats washed
- Odor eliminator spray
Includes Interior Service; Wash Extra
Service recommendation: As often as necessary.


Carpet & Mat Shampoo
Cleans your carpets and mats using a carpet shampooer. Removes non-permanent stains, soil, dirt, sand and odors from mats. Carpets and mats are vacuumed, then spots are treated with a special spot remover, and then shampooed.
- Cleans and freshens front and rear carpets & mats
- Removes deep embedded dirt
- Dries quickly leaving interior looking great
- Odor eliminator spray
Includes Interior Service; Wash Extra
Service recommendation: Every two months.


Seat Express
- Leather seats cleaned and conditioned
- Fabric seats shampooed
- Removes non-permenant stains and dries quickly
Includes Interior Service; Wash Extra
Service recommendation: Every two months.

Headlight Restoration
- Corroded UV Clearcoat removed
- Lens reconditioned and resurfaced
- Two-part UV clearcoat applied for long lasting clarity
See farther and be seen by others!

Service recommendation: As often as necessary.