Monroe Car Wash Services

Price/Wash $24.99 (Unlimited: $54.99) $19.99 (Unlimited: $39.99) $14.99 (Unlimited: $29.99) $9.99 (Unlimited: $17.99)
Simoniz "Hot" Wax & Shine      
Simoniz De-Salt Underbody Treatment      
DoubleBond w/Teflon Coating    
Rain-X Whole Body Treatment & Protection    
Tire Shine    
2-Step Tire & Rim Cleaner w/Wheel Brite
Triple Coat: Conditioner, Foam, & Polish  
Clear-coat Sealer with UV Protectant  
Undercarriage Wash
Undercarriage Rust Inhibitor  
High Pressure Pre-rinse  
Wheel & Rocker Blaster Rinse  
Spot-Free Rinse
Soft Touch Cloth Wash
Hand Towel Dried
* = Preferred price for customer's who enroll in Automatic Monthly Renewal Subscription ("AMRS") Option. Without AMRS, add $10 to Monthly Rate.

Our success is predicated not only though our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality wash, but also by offering a complete range of wash packages to best suit our customer's needs, as well as keeping up with the ever changing technology to effectively and safely clean your car.  With our customers in mind, we created four different wash packages with an upgrade over our base washes.  So no matter what your preference or budget, we have an option for you.

If you enjoy convenience, cost savings, and a clean car, then the Freedom Unlimited Wash plan is for you! For one low monthly payment you can wash your car every day or as often as you want during that month.  If you join mid-month, no worries, your credit card will automatically be charged every 30 days. You don't have to worry about paying each time you wash.  It's incredibly simple!  Come in and ask us about it!

Car Wash Features:

Simoniz "Hot" Wax & Shine
Part of our Ultimate PLUS package, a waterfall of Carnauba wax cascades down on your car delivering a hand wax shine! Full wax coverage followed by the gently buffering of soft microfiber cloth provides a service with no equal! The Carnauba wax is a plant derivative that protects your car's surface from weather and sun damage and provides an excellent barrier against bird droppings, bugs and acid rain, keeping your car looking showroom new.  While this wash package provides an incredible shine, it is not a replacement for hand or machine-applied waxes which provide a thicker, more resilient protective barrier. 

We teamed with Simoniz to be one of only a few car washes to offer this unique application of genuine Carnauba wax to the entire car.  This is a revolutionary new on-line service that we apply as your car is being washed.  It takes no extra time and leaves your car shining brightly.  Here at Monroe Car Wash & Detail Center, we constantly strive to offer the best value for your hard earned dollar, so we added the "Hot" Wax & Shine to our Ultimate PLUS Wash (our best wash package)!

Service recommendation: Monthly

Undercarriage Wash
As you drive, corrosive materials build up under your car's undercarriage.  Our properly placed spray nozzles mounted on the tunnel floor flush the underside of your car with water to remove salt, sand, and any other contaminants.
Service recommendation: Every time you wash when there is salt or sand on the road, otherwise every two months

Undercarriage Rust Inhibitor
Helps remove corrosive elements from a vehicle's underbody, temporarily minimizing the rusting process.  This is applied from floor mounted spray nozzles to cover the entire undercarriage area. Rust Inhibitor is best used in conjunction with Underbody Wash.
Service recommendation: Every two months

Triple Foam Polish
Simoniz Triple foam polishes and conditioners provide an extra deep cleaning and shine.  It is a combination of cleaning agents and silicone polymers, which are foamed onto your vehicle, and are buffed in with soft cloth during the wash process and then rinsed off.  Triple foam soaks in to penetrate grime and road film, and helps remove bugs.  It is also helpful screening out harmful ultra-violet rays, and enhances the shine on all clearcoat surfaces with a specially formulated polish.
Service recommendation: Every 30 days

Clearcoat Protectant and Sealer
Specially formulated foam polish which provides high gloss, superior beading and long-lasting protection and will aid in the spot-free drying of your car. This is applied through a spray arch during the wash process.
Service recommendation: Every 30 days 

Wheel Brite Brake Dust Remover and Rim Cleaner
Tough jobs demand tough detergents and nothing can be more difficult to remove than heavy brake dust and road film from your car's wheels. Wheel Brite is an expensive professional grade detergent specifically formulated with solvents and wetting agents to safely loosens stubborn film so that your wheels come out clean. This service is further enhanced by our new state-of-the-art online wheel cleaning system. Wheel Brite is applied when car enters the tunnel and then high pressure water nozzles, from different angles, blast the dust away.
Service recommendation: Each time you wash your car (at least bi-weekly for cars with ABS brakes) for best results

Tire Shine
Hand applied off-line as the car is being dried. Our Tire Shine service makes tires look great! Tire shine restores the original black luster to your tires for a fresh new look. This outstanding service provides the finishing touch to a properly cleaned or detailed car. Try it out and see the difference it makes to your car!  Furthermore, beyond providing the finishing touch for a sparkling car, it also serves as a protectant to prevent cracking, fading, and hardening of your tires.
Service recommendation: Every time you wash your car!